Using Boxes to Manage Back-Burner Project Ideas
Jun 9th, 2014 by Entropy

Saving your ideas in a box

Jot down your ideas

Using Boxes to Manage Back-Burner Project Ideas

Ideas are like buses … you’re either waiting for one, or three come at once.

There is nothing more guaranteed to bring in a rush of ideas for a project on the back burner than to be focusing hard on your current project! And it can be tempting to divert your attention onto the back burner project temporarily. What harm can it do? But writing is all about focus and allowing your focus to stray onto a different project inevitably harms the project you’re working on. Either you start to shift your passion, so you’re spending longer on the other project than you mean to, or ideas start to pollute both projects and you can end up with two projects that are muddied together and too similar.

Of course it’s vitally important to be thinking about the next project while you’re working on the current project. So I’ve found the best way to manage two projects in this way is to keep the back burner project on a low boil that keeps my enthusiasm without stealing my energy.

If you’re not careful working on more than one project can drive you crazy and it can ruin both projects. We want everything yesterday but we can’t do everything at once. At some point we have to let go. There will always be plenty more ideas! But, my mind screams, what about *this idea* right now?

Box It!

One of the best ways I’ve found to satisfy the insatiable needs of the back burner project is to make a box. A simple shoe box or a tissue box is ideal.

Prepare your box as minimally or as decoratively as you want, but it does help if you give the box some kind of ‘identity’ that you can engage with. Visually you want to keep the project enticing, friendly and alive. Put pictures on the outside of it or quotes from the story and you can even write a sentence or two about why you want to do this project for those times when you need reminding.

Now tape up the lid of your box with a small hole in the top that is large enough to stuff notes into but not to get them out. A bit like saving pennies in that old piggy bank – but now you’re saving up ideas and preparation and thoughts and inspiration for something that you just can’t get to today but that you’re passionate about throwing your heart and soul, sweat and tears into someday very soon.

Now when an idea for that project pops into your head, no matter how big or small, you simply write it down and stuff that idea in the box.

Next file and forget!! You don’t need that idea cluttering up your attention so let it go … into the box and … into the future.

Trust yourself!

Trust your future self to decide what to do with the idea when it’s time to bring it onto that front burner.

When you come to splitting open the box you will find ideas useful and constructive and some that are not. If it turns out that the ideas you’ve stuffed in there are not that relevant then trust yourself to make that decision and approach the project afresh when you get to it.

Keep on stuffing away those notes! And you can have as many boxes as you want! Keep yourself enthused about the project. You can even give the box a greeting or a little pat as you pass it or whenever you think about it. Trust yourself to get to that project at the right time.

Enjoy the Journey!

Remember that it’s all part of the process. Life is a journey and writing is nothing less. You are a dynamic changing creature, as new today as every other day you have awoken. Writing is a part of your life journey and whatever you write is as much a representation of the time you are writing it as the plans you have for your work. Trust your future self to take the notes that you have written and to use them in the best way possible both for that piece of work and for the person you will be at that point in time.

Happy writing! 

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46 Powerful Things You Should Hear
Jan 7th, 2014 by Entropy

A really uplifting video – Instructions For A Bad Day

Poem: ‘Nothing’ #Napowrimo
Apr 30th, 2011 by Trixsey

April is National Poetry Writing Month which The §purious Collective have entered in order to write a poem a day for 30 days throughout the month of April 2011!  This poem is by Trixsey:

A poem for day 30:

I cannot describe this man 

I try so hard

But I never will

Everyone is different

Not all people like his songs

But I do

To me

He is funny and precocious

I don’t think of him as ferocious in any way

But these words mean nothing

I try and try to choose the right bundle of letters

To choose the right setting

To exclaim my idea at the top of my voice

But no one else will understand

Only I know

Words mean nothing

No one will understand

So even my words mean nothing to me

by Trixsey

The §purious Collective

See More of our National Poetry Writing Month poems. (NaPoWriMo)

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#NaPoWriMo has begun
Apr 1st, 2011 by Entropy

National Poetry Writing Month has started and Dusty is first from the Spurious Collective to get in with her poem Artist.  I understand that she’s actually written FOUR poems today so it looks like Dusty will be taking the weekend off!

This year’s NaPoWriMo seems to be turning into a bit of a race actually, with Trixsey coming up on the inside shortly with Spring which she is penning at this very moment!

I better get busy writing before these whippersnappers poet all over me!

Anyone else want to join me?

– Entropy

PS. And by the way we’re listed on the NaPoWriMo website here. It’s ALL so exciting!

PPS.  I like NaPoWriMo so much better than NaNoWriMo?  Why? Because NaNoWriMo just left me feeling BAD.  In fact I’m only nearing my 50,000 words now some four months later.  Overall it just left me feeling like a failure – and I’m not!  November was a tough month for me as I was on a residential course for part of it, so the writing just didn’t happen for me.  I worry  just how many people went away from NaNoWriMo feeling like failures and never writing again. Which is a BIG shame and everyone’s loss.

If you did NaNoWriMo and it left you feeling bad why not try NaPoWriMo instead? A poem a day is a lot smaller and a lot more fun – and ultimately it’s about creativity rather than focusing on the numbers!

Join us!

Join NaPoWriMo!

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Happy writing! 🙂


Running Waste!
Dec 10th, 2010 by Dusty

A few weeks ago we had to repair the tap in the bathroom because the continual dripping sound was keeping everyone away at night, we fixed it and that was the last we heard of Mr. Tap. But today I realized that for about a week and a half the tap has been leaking but it was quiet enough for it to be ignored.

I took a jug into the bathroom and measured how much the tap leaked in a minute. When the tap wasn’t properly closed it leaked about half a pint a minute but when the tap was properly (wrist-strainingly) shut I thought the dripping would be really little… It wasn’t. In a minute the tap leaked 100 ml of water when the taps were turned as tightly shut as possible.  That worked out as 144 litres of water wasted a day, 1,008 litres a week and (it gets worse) 52,416 litres a year!

That is a lot of water going to waste which could be put to real use. I can’t imagine how much water is being wasted worldwide.

So if you have a leaky tap in your house I beg you to get it repaired or break out a DIY manual as soon as possible because so much water is going to waste!

Thank you so much!

I’ve caught the Twitter bug
Mar 24th, 2010 by Dusty

Just about a week ago I was compelled to finally get myself a Twitter account after so many months (or years) of curiosity. It was always something that the people around me grew very attached to and pretty soon their Facebook accounts, once brimming full of life and constant status updates and games like ‘Farmville’, grew silent and slowly fizzled to an infrequent trickle of the odd LOLcat picture or comment.

The Twitter community (Or Twitterverse) was one thing I never got my head around until I actually signed on for the first time. And since then, I have barely logged off.

It is a brimming stream of posts no longer than 140 characters which, just to make it clearer, is from the beginning of the first sentence of this post to the end of the word ‘around’ in the next sentence (to the exact).

You wouldn’t think that you would be able to say so much in so little space of time but many of the posts I read of people I follow are funny, interesting and kind while at the same time brief.

There are a couple downsides to Twitter though, but these problems can be avoided or fixed. The first problem is that there are some companies or businesses that set up accounts and have a computer automatically follow anyone who uses one of their keywords in a post (or ‘tweet’) and we call these automated computer accounts ‘bots’. This can however be solve by regularly checking your followers list and blocking anyone trying to sell anything to you by clicking the small ‘block’ button on the right hand side.

Also, it is known that quite a few celebrities, actors and such have their own accounts and, while that is nice and great fun, there is the problem of other people creating similar accounts to try and get their followers (remember too if you follow someone they can in fact message you). If it is a celebrity or well known person you may want to check at the top right hand corner for a big blue tick which means that the account has been verified and that Twitter knows it is the real person and not a ‘bot’ or poser. Also some unverified accounts can actually be the real person, another good way to check for proof is to look at twitpics which are pictures users post up from their phones or comuters. There is usually evidence in the photo or information they give.

So, Twitter has now officially replaced my Facebook and I have not updated my old status since I found my new friend the ‘Twitter bird’.
It is great fun and interesting to keep up with and I think that many people would agree that it is a lot friendlier and purer than Facebook is or has ever been.

– Dusty Debutante

Less is more… Not when it comes to designer!
Sep 22nd, 2009 by Dusty

Expensive taste is joyous!

Now we see why celebs never go out in anything without a label: with all that money… Why would you want to?!

With money and taste there is nothing on the planet with enough power to keep you away from the Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Alexander Mcqueen!

Pretty shoes, bags and clothes are the Achilles heel of almost every woman in the western world.

Pretty, pretty.

You can always fit one more pair into your shoe rack!

Listen up guys!

Here’s the best advice you will need in life:

Buying her bags, shoes and dressed are the sure way to win a girls heart.

Diamonds are a girl best friend: Next to designer labels!

The second best advice:

Reading price tags is a sure way to the grave; don’t look, just buy!

And third:

If she finds that the ‘designer’ stuff you’ve bought her is really a knock off company selling cheap tat: She’ll make you sorry!

some words of advice from Dusty

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