Less is more… Not when it comes to designer!
Sep 22nd, 2009 by Dusty

Expensive taste is joyous!

Now we see why celebs never go out in anything without a label: with all that money… Why would you want to?!

With money and taste there is nothing on the planet with enough power to keep you away from the Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Alexander Mcqueen!

Pretty shoes, bags and clothes are the Achilles heel of almost every woman in the western world.

Pretty, pretty.

You can always fit one more pair into your shoe rack!

Listen up guys!

Here’s the best advice you will need in life:

Buying her bags, shoes and dressed are the sure way to win a girls heart.

Diamonds are a girl best friend: Next to designer labels!

The second best advice:

Reading price tags is a sure way to the grave; don’t look, just buy!

And third:

If she finds that the ‘designer’ stuff you’ve bought her is really a knock off company selling cheap tat: She’ll make you sorry!

some words of advice from Dusty

Spurious animals
Sep 12th, 2009 by Dusty

I was walking down the street the other day and a little dog was jumping up on people and licking their hands lovingly.
It went past everyone, stopping to do that all the way. The dog soon caught up to me and gave me a lovely greeting. The owner said that since he was a puppy he loved people and any person he passed he HAD to say hello to.
How lovely!

So I say to that lovely dog: “Hello (and lick) to you too!”

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