Running Waste!
Dec 10th, 2010 by Dusty

A few weeks ago we had to repair the tap in the bathroom because the continual dripping sound was keeping everyone away at night, we fixed it and that was the last we heard of Mr. Tap. But today I realized that for about a week and a half the tap has been leaking but it was quiet enough for it to be ignored.

I took a jug into the bathroom and measured how much the tap leaked in a minute. When the tap wasn’t properly closed it leaked about half a pint a minute but when the tap was properly (wrist-strainingly) shut I thought the dripping would be really little… It wasn’t. In a minute the tap leaked 100 ml of water when the taps were turned as tightly shut as possible.  That worked out as 144 litres of water wasted a day, 1,008 litres a week and (it gets worse) 52,416 litres a year!

That is a lot of water going to waste which could be put to real use. I can’t imagine how much water is being wasted worldwide.

So if you have a leaky tap in your house I beg you to get it repaired or break out a DIY manual as soon as possible because so much water is going to waste!

Thank you so much!

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