What made me – NaPoWriMo
Apr 26th, 2010 by Dusty

What made me

My old mind, my old memories,
Carrying inside things almost forgotten,
The first kiss that made me believe in love,
The tooth-fairy,
The wise words of my parents,
The examples that were made for me to grow to,
My first bike,
And the next week when my father put the stabilizers on,
The bumps and bruises that taught me how to stay safe in the world,
The people I met and the ones, who had always been there,
The wild chances that I took,
And the ones I didn’t,
The friends I laughed with,
The friends I lost,
All the things that taught me and nourished me.
They are the things that made me.

by Dusty
The §purious Collective

A matter of opinion – NaPoWriMo
Apr 16th, 2010 by Dusty

A matter of opinion

Some say you should do this,
Others say you should do that,
And a few couldn’t give a rat’s ass,
Their suggestions I think I shall pass.

Some say I should be red.
Others say I better suit blond,
And a few have said my natural colour looks best,
And I am still too confused to mutter a yes.

Some say that I am a nice girl,
Others, they say very mean,
And a few around me have not really seen,
Quite how crazy I can be….

by Dusty
The §purious Collective

The Art in Routine – NaPoWriMo
Apr 2nd, 2010 by Dusty

The Art in Routine

• I breathe the morning air
• The world greets me with a man-made hug
• The first of three life-giving meals sit before me
• A metal cube obeys my every command
• Misty eyes miss me for the wall behind
• I stare into another world as I am rewarded for
• The second of three await me…
• A bell sends me on my way
• The metal monster is once again my slave.
• A rectangular tree greets me
• I behold the last supper
• I click off the electric sun
• And slip into my mind for a night’s rest…

by Dusty
The §purious Collective

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