Stream of Consciousness
Apr 17th, 2010 by Endangered

Stream of Consciousness

fire circles
throw it away
sudden screams of delight
no deal
scratch the moon
brass birds

sleeping in a honeycomb
confused red berries
bolder than the others
starting again
you saved me money

a third of my summer
warm fires playing on the walls
a cat sits on the mat flickering
you light the torch
i ascended to the depths
root out jug of wine mead
barking righteousness
piousness in confession
standard static rodent without reason
i know you
burned alive i hide my eyes
between my toes a red apple
the work of the gods fall flat on the ground
golden brand on your brown silver eagle on your chest
bouquet in order leaks in a pot
golden haired welcome
black cat’s timing
black haired teeth
black hearted eyes

by Endangered
The §purious Collective

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