Quickfire poem: On the Internet
Mar 2nd, 2014 by Entropy

A quickfire poem. No polish, straight from the hip flask. Enjoy! Happy poetry!!

On the Internet

I live in a world of people
But sometimes I have to imagine those people because I am really only in my home alone.

I live in a world of people
And sometimes they all press in on me because I am always only in my home alone.

I live in a world of people but I forget to go out and see them because I am only ever in my home alone.

Turn it off. Go outside. See the world of people. Breathe deep. Be YOU.

Poem: “People Watching” #NaPoWriMo
Apr 15th, 2011 by Entropy

April is National Poetry Writing Month which The §purious Collective have entered in order to write a poem a day for 30 days throughout the month of April 2011! This poem is by Entropy

A poem for day 15:

People Watching

Neat lady in her seventies
in a beige wool suit
with pearls, strung
around her neck.
Legs that a
twenty- year old
would have been
proud to show off.
A sad-eyed lady,
thin and whispy,
smiled at me, was she
thinking the same thing?
That only our eyes
are the same.
I tell myself
No one is looking
at me.
I’m minding my own business
and so is everyone else.

I decide to put my lipstick
on. My mouth is dry.
I use the back of my business card case –
so far the only thing I’ve used it for –
as a mirror to paint my lips.
A man in a golf sweater pulled over
too much belly, nudges his son
who is looking at me.
“Son,” his father says, “you choose one
like that, you gotta
feed her.” I laugh
out loud despite
myself. Now everyone
is minding my business.
I do not care.
It feels good
to laugh.

Entropy (Kathie Kingsley-Hughes)

The §purious Collective

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