A poem for Dusty on Twitter
Mar 24th, 2010 by Entropy

In reply to Dusty’s post about joining Twitter, here is a quick little poetic response. It’s another limerick (sorry!):

There was a young Dusty who Twittered
and gabbled and rambled and wittered
when she’d typed a whole page
imagine her rage
at seeing only 140 characters!


I’ve caught the Twitter bug
Mar 24th, 2010 by Dusty

Just about a week ago I was compelled to finally get myself a Twitter account after so many months (or years) of curiosity. It was always something that the people around me grew very attached to and pretty soon their Facebook accounts, once brimming full of life and constant status updates and games like ‘Farmville’, grew silent and slowly fizzled to an infrequent trickle of the odd LOLcat picture or comment.

The Twitter community (Or Twitterverse) was one thing I never got my head around until I actually signed on for the first time. And since then, I have barely logged off.

It is a brimming stream of posts no longer than 140 characters which, just to make it clearer, is from the beginning of the first sentence of this post to the end of the word ‘around’ in the next sentence (to the exact).

You wouldn’t think that you would be able to say so much in so little space of time but many of the posts I read of people I follow are funny, interesting and kind while at the same time brief.

There are a couple downsides to Twitter though, but these problems can be avoided or fixed. The first problem is that there are some companies or businesses that set up accounts and have a computer automatically follow anyone who uses one of their keywords in a post (or ‘tweet’) and we call these automated computer accounts ‘bots’. This can however be solve by regularly checking your followers list and blocking anyone trying to sell anything to you by clicking the small ‘block’ button on the right hand side.

Also, it is known that quite a few celebrities, actors and such have their own accounts and, while that is nice and great fun, there is the problem of other people creating similar accounts to try and get their followers (remember too if you follow someone they can in fact message you). If it is a celebrity or well known person you may want to check at the top right hand corner for a big blue tick which means that the account has been verified and that Twitter knows it is the real person and not a ‘bot’ or poser. Also some unverified accounts can actually be the real person, another good way to check for proof is to look at twitpics which are pictures users post up from their phones or comuters. There is usually evidence in the photo or information they give.

So, Twitter has now officially replaced my Facebook and I have not updated my old status since I found my new friend the ‘Twitter bird’.
It is great fun and interesting to keep up with and I think that many people would agree that it is a lot friendlier and purer than Facebook is or has ever been.

– Dusty Debutante

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